D86 candidate outlines issues in school board race

With November’s election behind us, sharp focus should turn to the April 6 consolidated election. One important issue on the ballot that can drastically impact real estate value is the Hinsdale Township High School District 86 Board.

Education costs amount up to 80 percent of our property taxes here in D86. In order to remain competitive with Chicagoland suburbs and private schools, voters in D86 must be informed on the issues and vote accordingly.

Our kids are hurting. They are struggling emotionally, socially and academically.

“The sheer volume of D’s and F’s are a problem at both campuses,” Superintendent Prentiss told the board.

We need to provide the best and most comprehensive education to all 4,000 kids in D86. Distractions regarding major changes to the science and math curriculums and possible grading system changes are unwelcome and not supported by data. Why are these topics even on the agenda during a pandemic? Why are proposals passed with constant consensus and little to no discussion from the board, despite community concern being raised? Getting the kids safely back in school while navigating gaps from remote and part-time learning moving forward is paramount.

I’m running for D86 BOE with three like-minded individuals: Peggy James, Terri Walker and Debbie Levinthal. I doubt we will see eye-to-eye on every topic, and that’s ideal. Discussion leads to discourse, which drives optimal decision making. I will champion that spirit as a board member and hope to earn your vote to Deliver D86. — Jeff Waters, Hinsdale