All should follow one young man's example

Bravo to Anton Riegger for taking the initiative wanting to get rid of plastic. We as parents and grandparents should care for the future of our young generation. We do not need plastic bags. (Hawaii has discontinued them for 10 years already.) We must take along our cloth bags or should have to pay a high amount at each store for each bag we need. Then hopefully we will get used to taking our own.

Drinking water out of plastic bottles is not really healthy due to the gases the plastic gives up. What is so difficult to get used to metal water bottles, the way Anton started already? For example, fill your metal bottle at home or when going to the airport at the water stations, which are there for filling bottles only. Anton could still pack a lunch each day by packing it into a reusable container, which can be washed and dried for the next day. Environmentally aware citizens can do a lot to contribute to a safe and healthy future. We just have to care.

Whenever the real problem will be hitting each of our inhabitants, I will not be alive any longer, but I do care and live and have been living toward a cleaner future already. I wish you all would, too. — Karin Stocker, Hinsdale