Meeting roundup

Hinsdale High School District 86 Board

Among other business Sept. 10, board members:

• voted 7-0 to issue almost $46.1 million in bonds, the third bond sale related to the $139.8 million building referendum voters approved in an April 2019 referendum. The sale is expected to generate $50.6 million in proceeds, due to a “premium” (bonds trade above their “par” or face value). The district received a premium on its first two bond sales as well, receiving $70 million from its first sale of $62.26 million and $34.9 million from its sale of $31.48 million.

This is expected to be the final bond sale, said Josh Stephenson, chief financial officer.

• heard a report on the tentative annual budget for fiscal year 2020-21, which shows anticipated revenues of $118.3 million and anticipated expenses of $116.8 million, leaving a $1.4 million surplus. Revenues and expenses for fiscal year 2019-20 were $110 million and $108.7 million, respectively. The board is expected to approve on the budget at its Sept. 24 meeting.

• listened to the first report from Hinsdale Central’s new board liaison, senior Heather Roslyn. She reported that the results of a survey she sent to classmates shows students are concerned that e-learning will not be effective if it continues for many more weeks.

• heard board President Kevin Camden say he is moving audience communication to the final agenda item starting at the next meeting.

“I’m tired of people — and I’ve said this publicly for a number of years — I’m tired of folks coming in and complaining and not listening as we go through the meeting to answer the questions that they had,” he said. “That’s the way it’s going to be moving forward until there is a new chair.”

People do need to be signed in by the beginning of the meeting to speak during audience comments, he confirmed.