Student athlete profile

Name: Rosyln Tischke

Year: senior

Hometown: Hinsdale

What led you into diving?

I had originally been a competitive gymnast for the majority of my life. Because of a few injuries, I decided that I wanted to try something different for my own health. I decided to give diving a shot, and it ended up being a good fit for me.

What do you enjoy about it?

Probably the variety and all the different dives you can do. And the coaches bring a lot of positive energy to the sport every day.

How have you developed your skills since sophomore year?

I definitely have made a lot of progress in my overall technique. That is really where I've improved the most. When I dive, it looks much more like a diver diving that a gymnast trying to dive.

Do you have any pre-meet rituals?

For me, it's all about visualization. I like to visualize my dives before I do them because it helps me know I'm capable of doing the dives to the best of my ability.

How would your teammates describe you?

Hopefully they'd say hardworking. And also that I'm a team player and try and talk with everyone on the team. I'm pretty close with most of the girls on the team.

What's been the highlight of your Central career?

My junior year overall was a huge highlight because I'd just come back from one of my numerous ankle surgeries, and I qualified for the state finals after only one and a half months of competing.

Is there anyone who serves as an inspiration to you?

The diver Cassidy Cook. She's one of the greatest female divers in the U.S., and I really look up to her. She focuses a lot on the mental side of diving and staying positive and not letting fears or frustrations get the best of you.

How do you like to relax?

I like to go on social media and I enjoy baking, as well.

Where might we find you 10 years from now?

Hopefully in medical school or in a residency on my way to becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

Why does diving coach Steve Miller like having Tischke on the squad?

She brings determination, leadership and experience to the program. She leads by example and through her voice. She's kind of my go-to person when I need to get the team going If I'm going to be late to practice.

- profile by Ken Knutson, photo by Jim Slonoff

Author Bio

Ken Knutson is associate editor of The Hinsdalean