Pool staff made summer wonderful for so many

I love to have contact with friends and people. I love water and swimming!

On June 22 happiness began for swimmers and “water-lovers” when the Hinsdale Community Swimming Pool opened for three hours per day. We learned that first day how fortunate we were when Channel 7 reporters interviewed us and said only two public pools had opened in DuPage County.

Indeed, the past 10 weeks were wonderful. We could be in the clean water and swim and talk with new and old water-lovers. Every topic came up: kids, schools, home offices, music, COVID-19, religion, politics, you name it. We talked for hours about everything. What a good time we had!

Today I want to thank Heather Bereckis (superintendent of parks and recreation) and Sammy Hanzel (recreation supervisor) for hiring such an outstanding pool team. Thank you, Hinsdale pool team. You gave us a safe and clean space in the pandemic and made our summer. You were kind, nice and efficient in every way.

I loved it when we were greeted by Danny, Julia, Liz or Kylie. Diligently, they took our temperatures before we were allowed to go inside. We felt safe! I loved it when the frequent announcements were made to wear masks and to keep social distancing. I loved it when Brian Powell gave swimming lessons to the youngest. He and many of his colleagues were patient and sweet. I loved so many things about being at the pool.

Thank you for making this summer special for all of us water-lovers. — Sibylle Sonnenberg, Hinsdale