Know what day it is? It's special for some reason!

Wow, is it really true that September bursts on the scene next week? No doubt many of us are still trying to keep up with day, let alone the month.

And with every new month means a fresh set of obscure holiday observances in our country. Thanks to websites like, all these fascinating and highly questionable designations are curated for our convenient reference.

Like National Blueberry Popsicle Day on Sept. 2. We haven’t done a deep dive to see if other popsicle flavors have been deemed worthy of special note, but I think we can agree that blueberry is in a class of its own (however you want to interpret that).

Seems natural, somehow, that U.S. Bowling League Day would follow on Sept. 3. Many bowling centers seem to be open, so even if you’re not in a league, enjoy a game with friends and family — and be sure to don a mask to match that stylish footwear.

Sept. 4 is National Lazy Mom’s Day (do they even exist?) and Sept. 5 is World Beard Day (which could easily double as Lazy Dad’s Day).

Of course, Sept. 7 is Labor Day, but did you know this year it shares the day with, among other occasions, National Beer Lover’s Day, National Acorn Squash Day and National New Hampshire Day? Live Free or Die! And please pass the squash bread ...

Sept. 13 is Grandparent’s Day. Awww. It’s also National Bald is Beautiful Day, so maybe there’s some overlap.

The month is a bit of a nutritionist’s nightmare. In just the seven days spanning Sept. 14 to 20, there are nods to cream-filled donuts, hoagies, cinnamon raisin bread, apple dumplings, Monte Cristos, butterscotch pudding, cheese toast, fried rice, pepperoni pizza, and separate days for cheeseburgers and double cheeseburgers.

Makes one wonder, then, about Sept. 22 being Elephant Appreciation Day. Is that really necessary?

If you’re not feeling at your best outwardly, Sept. 23 is Innergize Day to get your autumn of to a Zen-tastic start.

Sept. 25 is National One-Hit Wonder Day. Remember that early ’80s song “Our House” with the video that was filmed, well, in a house? Who can name the band without Googling? Did they record anything else that anyone heard?

Moving on, Sept. 26 is a bonanza of observances, including National Compliance Officer Day, National Dumpling Day, National Pancake Day, National Situational Awareness Day, National Hunting and Fishing Day and National Family Health and Fitness Day. Finally a chance to work off all that junk food, right after one more pancake.

Now if you missed Beer Lover’s Day on the 7th, redemption arrives on Sept. 28 with National Drink Beer Day. One may ask: What is the distinction between the two days? One may answer: Who cares?! It’s another pretext to drink beer, so bottoms up!

Thankfully, National Coffee Day shows up just in time Sept. 29. And the month closes with National Love People Day. How sweet is that! And everyone knows the best way to love people is take them out for a beer. To wash down those hoagies and apple dumplings.