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Several Hinsdale students have earned a place on the dean’s list at their respective colleges and universities for the spring 2020 semester.

Cameron Anderson, University of Alabama*

Ekatarina Antipov, University of Alabama

Nick Becker, Marquette University

Olivia Berley, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kayla Cameron, Iowa State University

Evan Cotton, Northern Illinois University

Emma Dillard, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Christian Early, Denison University

Hannah Eichelman, Marquette University

Austin Feldman, University of Alabama

Olivia Fix, University of Alabama*

Jaena Hanley, Marquette University

Mckenna Hayes, dean’s honor list, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Reilly Hayes, University of Wisconsin-Madison

John Henige, University of Notre Dame

Ryan Hood, University of Alabama*

Mae Javois, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Chantal Isaac, University of Alabama

Nora Kiernan, Marquette University

Riley Knapp, Marquette University

Annie Krillenberger, dean’s honor list, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Roberta Larson, University of Alabama

Abigail Lee, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Charlie Lyne, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jamie McArthur, Iowa State University

Matthew Medick, University of Alabama

Katherine Melvin, University of Alabama*

Meghan Meredith, dean’s honor list, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sabrina Messina, University of Alabama

Katie Milani, Marquette University

Maria Mulvihill, Marquette University

Margaret Neil, Iowa State University

Alfredo Nevarez, Iowa State University

Charles Parse, University of Alabama*

Alexander Ritz, University of Alabama

Matthew Ritz, University of Alabama*

Raabia Sheikh, Marquette University

Jenny Sims, Marquette University

Trey Tabachka, dean’s honor list, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alex Tellez, Northern Illinois University

Paige Thrana, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Scott Watson, Marquette University

Benjamin Waverley, dean’s honor list, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Maud Willemse, University of Alabama*

Nora Wood, Marquette University

Caroline Woodward, University of Alabama*

Tony Zhao, Marquette University

* earned all A’s and are on

president’s list


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