Restaurants, patrons need to be much more cautious

I’m glad we’re starting to come out of Phase 2 into Phase 3 and soon Phase 4. But if what I saw at Fuller House on Thursday, June 11, is any indication — 10 people drinking at one table, no seating 6 feet apart (it was barely 2 feet) no masks and a total disregard for people walking by — the numbers in Illinois will spike and restaurants will be closed again.

I’m all for the restaurants reopening, but who is going to police them? They want to make money and obviously at Fuller House, at any cost, including their patrons and the public. I will never go there again or recommend. I saw the same thing at Daily Scoop in Clarendon Hills on the same day. Moms with their kids under the tent, talking, not eating, not wearing masks. People come on! This isn’t difficult. At Butterfield’s in Oakbrook Terrace, they have a 6-foot stick to ensure safe distance between chairs.

Owners, take responsibility. Cramming too many people who are not wearing masks and letting them sit here for hours. Really? I know your bottom line has been hit but if you have to close again, it could be your own undoing. — Cindy Novak, Hinsdale