Redeemer members march with hope to end racism

We represent Redeemer Lutheran Church of Hinsdale and its ministry group called Church and Community. The mission of this small group is “to inspire (our) members to work in areas of important social concern.” The Black Lives Matter movement is undeniably one of the most important areas of social concern for all of America.

Our members marched with other Hinsdaleans in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter message. We appreciate the students who organized the march and respect our local police officers. This was not a protest against Hinsdale police. They helped everyone move safely across the railroad tracks and around town. The march was about racism, which is a public health crisis. The horrific death of George Floyd in Minnesota (May 25) has opened a wound that many thought was healing. We marched because we wanted to “do something.” This peaceful protest was one way of saying that we cannot continue to endure the suffering and death caused by racism. The long-term inequity which has resulted from racism began during the time of slavery — America’s original sin.

As part of a religious community, happily embedded in this wonderful village, we walked inspired by the work and words of Martin Luther King Jr. In the June 4 issue of The Hinsdalean, many of his quotes were cited. This one seems especially important today: “I have decided to stick to love ... Hate is too great a burden to bear.” — Lanny F. Wilson and Mary Landis, Hinsdale