Verizon still on track to roll out 5G in Hinsdale

My family recently moved to this beautiful town filled with wonderful people and great businesses to raise our young family and plant roots. I am very disheartened to hear that the Verizon 5G rollout is still on track to install over 140 unsightly and potentially dangerous towers throughout our scenic town.

The poles are expected to be 32-45 feet tall with a 6-foot tall humming power unit at the base. This will massively affect the aesthetics of our village and will surely decrease property values. More importantly, 5G radiation has not been proven safe and many health studies have linked 3G and 4G wireless radiation to adverse health effects, including cancer. With small children in our home, I am unwilling to let them grow up as human health science experiments with this unproven technology right in front of our home.

Because of laws that have been passed at the federal and state levels, Verizon has been given the power to use our front-yard parkways with only perfunctory blessing from the Village of Hinsdale. Therefore, we need every home in Hinsdale to share their concern by emailing [email protected] to get on board with this movement to help change the law to stop big wireless companies from having the authority to roll out this untested technology. — Amber Nolan, Hinsdale