Kindness is the best response in these trying times

Two recent experiences in the last 10 days seem worth sharing. Last week on one of the warm days I was leaving the hardware store in Clarendon Hills. A small group of young children with several moms was at the ice cream store while practicing social distancing. When I walked by, a girl about 7 years old said very kindly to me, “Have a good day.” I thanked her. It was my most pleasant experience of the day.

Yesterday while leaving the Walgreens in Hinsdale, a woman who like me would be eligible to shop during senior hours, barked at me, “You should be on the right.” I said nothing to her. It was my most unpleasant experience of the day.

I have been at that Walgreens at least 500 times since moving to Hinsdale in 2003 and exited on the left in almost all cases.

It is the logical route based on the location of the cash registers. Walgreens does not have a sign on the outside doors, unlike some retailers. Maybe there should be one.

The sign isn’t the issue. The rudeness is. Everyone is stressed. Could there be the slightest bit of courtesy shown to others? Maybe we should follow the lead of the little girl at the ice cream store. — Jim O’Brien, Hinsdale