Family hopes husband, father's legacy will carry on

Dr. J. Richard Spatafora passed away suddenly on May 24.

We are going forward with love, strength, tenderness and togetherness. He loved his family enough to last a lifetime and then some. We will miss our Rick desperately; a devoted, thoughtful, patient, deeply decent man. He would hope, with all of his heart, that we carry him with us in the form of a generous spirit, an open heart and a peaceful mind.

To keep him alive and present within you, within this community he cared for enormously, within all of us, tell your children that you are proud of them. Never stop learning. Be curious, be open to newness, be hungry for knowledge. Find happiness in the simple, in the seemingly mundane — a half moon, a spring bloom, a full table, a long drive. Breathe deeply, think deeply, love deeply.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself. And, if you ever need an ear, feel free to speak with him. He will listen. — Cathy Kinney and Ben, Andrew and Abby Spatafora