Shakespearean sonnet examines life in quarantine

I’ve always loved writing Shakespearean sonnets as an English major so I decided to write one about our current time in quarantine.

The Ides of March befalls our precious world,

As children say goodbye to days at school,

They carry books and plants with tendrils furled,

To shelter them under domestic rule.

“We’ll make the best of it” we daily say,

With music, baking, walks, and riding bikes,

We’ll garden, dance, and read throughout the day,

And spy a turtle on our nature hikes.

We keep our frontline workers in our hearts,

Connect with loved ones, laugh, and reminisce,

Rekindling hobbies, dabbling in the arts,

In effort to replace our fears with bliss.

In solar promises of warmer weather,

Our hopes renew as we grow strong together.

— Emily Campbell, Hinsdale