Verizon 5G plans on hold for now, not forever

While we have been dealing with a worldwide pandemic, Verizon has been busy moving forward with their plans to install 4G/5G towers throughout Hinsdale.

In a March letter to the Village of Hinsdale, Verizon announced that they will begin submitting permit applications for new antenna towers. Although the new 5G technology may sound great, it is certainly not worth being a test community and having our front yard parkways filled with almost 150 unsightly cell towers soaring up to 45 feet tall with a refrigerator-sized power unit at the base, especially when less damaging alternatives exist.

I would like to thank our proactive village leaders for pushing back on Verizon for planning to file for permits in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. Because of their efforts, Verizon has agreed to temporarily hold off on filing permit applications. Although the hold on filing permits is a relief, we must be mindful that Verizon will file in the near future and the village has only 90 to 120 days to grant permits.

Look beyond the flashy Verizon commercials and see what 5G really is and how significantly these unsightly towers will damage the beauty of our town, as well as our individual property values. Visit Stop 5G Hinsdale and Neighbors on Facebook to learn more and join other residents in demanding a better outcome for our village. — Susan Cobb, Hinsdale