Meeting roundup

Community Consolidated District 181 Board

Among other business at their April 6 meeting, board members:

• awarded the contract for Oak School roof replacement to DCG Roofing Solutions Inc. for $433,015

• approved a three-year contract for new iPads for students and staff for $342,908. The plan includes the purchase of 900 Apple iPad seventh generation devices for new third-graders, elementary staff and instructional aides. Thirty will be given to each middle school for student use with STEAM and multimedia content-creation. The remaining 92 will be held in reserve for replacing catastrophically damaged devices, staff changes or additions and mid-year student move-ins. These devices will remain with the groups for three years.

• learned from John Munch, assistant superintendent of human resources, that the administration is anticipating a elementary staffing level of 102 FTE based on current enrollment projections for the 2020-21 school year. That represents no increase over the current school year. Munch said that, historically, the district has experienced a 5 percent increase in elementary school enrollment numbers from March to August and that two elementary teacher FTE will be retained to cover this anticipated bump. At the middle schools, enrollment is not expected to change to a degree that would require additional staffing.