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Former associate editor pens new parenting book


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Readers of Scary Mommy and the Today Show parenting blogs know Christie Cuthbert as a contributor. Texans know her as a writer for San Antonio Woman Magazine and Alamo City Moms.

Hinsdaleans remember her as a former neighbor, fellow parishioner, Juniors member - and associate editor of The Hinsdalean.

Now she's also the author of a new book. "Mom! I Farted in Church," which she officially released at a launch party Jan. 9. I caught up with her over the phone Tuesday to talk about the new book and how she has enjoyed living in San Antonio since 2017.

"Any time you move somewhere you don't know a soul, that first year is tough," she said.

In the fall of 2018 she sought the help of a therapist to try to manage her anxiety - and her busy life as the mom of four - a little better.

"In the process, I kind of just learned that I needed to find more humor in situations and not take myself so seriously and not become so embarrassed when they do things," she said.

"They" are her four boys - John, 9, and the triplets, Teddy, Tommy and Nate, who are 6.

She didn't have to wait long for the opportunity to act on that advice.

"We had this day in church when Tommy farted pretty loudly in church," she said. He proceeded to announce it to his mom - and everyone else in hearing distance. Normally Christie would have been mortified, but she had an epiphany.

"It was just this light bulb went on," she said.

Instead of chastising her young son, she played along.

"I think God heard it, and he's probably laughing with us," she told him.

That story became the framework for her book, in which she encourages moms to spend less time worrying and more time laughing and enjoying motherhood. Life, of course, continues to test that approach. She was the guest on a live TV show Tuesday morning, just hours before I talked with her. The boys accompanied her, and remaining calm was not on Teddy's agenda.

"He reminded me of the wind-up monkey with a cymbal," she said. "He was a maniac as I was trying to discuss the book."

Christie said her next project will be to create children's books so other kids can laugh at her sons' shenanigans.

"The boys are super excited about that," she said. "They've given me all the feedback in the world about how I should do the next set of books."

Christie said she's enjoyed the laid-back vibe of San Antonio - and the chance to hear live music and eat outdoors year-round.

She misses walking everywhere in Hinsdale ("You have to drive an hour to get anywhere in Texas"), living on a block with a million kids, her friends and neighbors and brisket tacos at Fuller House.

She also misses the kindness and generosity so many people here showed her after the triplets were born.

"I could never have gotten through those first years without the friends I had in town supporting me along the way," she said. "The outreach and love in that community is unique."

Publicizing the book has been hectic, but fun. And there's nothing more rewarding than hearing from a reader whom you have touched.

"The best part has been when I go do guest speaking with the book and I have moms come up and say, 'This is life changing. I really needed your words today.' "

Congratulations, Christie. We're all proud of you!

- Pamela Lannom is editor of The Hinsdalean. Readers can email her at [email protected]

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