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Support of IASB policy by D181 board was a pro-gun vote


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Last week the D181 School Board voted 4-3 in favor of IASB’s resolution No. 1 — to lobby legislators to allow the arming of teachers and staff. The vote wasn’t noticeably listed on BoardDocs or communicated to parents. The board later emailed stating they “did not vote to allow its employees, in any capacity, the ability to carry a firearm on district property.” They say they voted to give rural districts the option to arm.

No matter how the board tries to explain it, their 4-3 vote was a pro-gun vote. Voting to allow any school district in the state to arm its teachers includes D181, and a handshake deal among our board members not to do so could be changed at any time. There is zero evidence-based research to prove kids are safer if guns are added to classrooms. There is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

The best way to protect students from gun violence is adopting an evidence-based intervention plan including extreme risk protection laws, responsible firearm laws, background checks, and funding social workers and mental health professionals to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them.

Thankfully, the IASB voted down resolution No. 1 198-249. We won’t have to worry about armed teachers in our schools for another year. However, this pro-gun vote shows a lack of transparency and foresight by our school board. Perhaps Duffy, Jakobsen, Kleber and were not aware of the implications of their votes, but Merchantz was. — Alicia Schemel, Hinsdale


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