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Criticism of state Rep. Mazzochi in letter was unwarranted


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The letter regarding Rep. Deanne Mazzochi and the insulin cap last week was misleading and politically motivated. The only relevant content was that insulin prices have risen greatly and that some are struggling. The letter infers that the insulin price caps are helping all diabetics and resolving the issue. The fact is that the Illinois law only affects those in state-regulated plans, affecting about 20 percent, not all. A great percentage in these state-regulated plans are state employees. Are they indicating that the state employees have inferior health plans? What about the other 80 percent, including those uncovered and self-pay or those under-insured due to excessive deductibles? Therefore, we help a few and ignore many.

Instead of opinion we need facts. Is this a bipartisan PR effort to create an illusion that our state government is resolving an issue or is it a benefit pandering to public employee unions? Was this legislation flawed?

Hinsdale has an astute and informed electorate. I am confident that they will make informed decisions and not give credence to misleading letters such as last week’s. — Joseph R. Craig, Hinsdale


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