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Letter - D86 board should be flexible spending referendum funds


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Two important concepts should determine how to get the most benefit from the proceeds of the April referendum for our two high schools.

First, I imagine very few people could enumerate the dollar amount originally designated for each area of spending at each school. So let’s assume there is a general pot of money to be spent in our two schools approximately in the proportion originally envisioned.

If value engineering can free up additional funds, then I imagine most voters don’t care what aspect of the budget gets a boost. So if expanding to eight lanes brings Central’s pool into the 21st century, then let’s be magnanimous and do it! (There have been no six-lane, 25-yard pools built in the Chicago suburbs for over 20 years.) If it allows a vibrant wing to be added to South’s library, bring it on!

Second, looking at the breakdown of the last two referendums, 9,000 voters who voted “no” in November did not do the same in April. Why not? My guess is they voted against it the first time either because they regularly vote against more spending in general or they were persuaded by the disinformation campaign waged by a few selfish, short-sighted business owners. Maybe many saw the “no” campaign for what it was: dishonest, unethical and self-interested. They either changed their vote or didn’t bother to support bad actors.

I fully support whatever changes make sense for our high schools as long as the total spent doesn’t exceed the amount voters approved. — Steve Larrick, Hinsdale


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