Student athlete profile - Aidan Hernandez

Aidan Hernandez


How was finishing your Central tennis career with a state title?

It feels good. A team title is really great, and especially since it was (head coach John) Naisbitt's last year and a great way to send him off.

What do you remember about freshman season?

It was a very new experience for me. We had a shortened season because of COVID. I was playing football, too, and football was moved to spring so the two seasons overlapped and it was pretty chaotic.

What did you enjoy about serving as a team captain this year?

It was just a privilege to have that role on the team. Our responsibilities were to lead the warm-ups and, toward the end of the season, to motivate the team more because we were getting a little bit too relaxed.

How would your teammates describe you?

They'd probably describe me as passionate about the sport. I can be high-energy but emotionally relaxed and neutral.

How do you stay relaxed before a match?

I listen to some calmer, slower-paced music, like country.

Any special pre-match meal?

I like to have Jimmy Johns so I get a lot of protein and carbs to keep me energized.

Was it fun playing with your younger brother Nathan?

At times it's a little bit irritating having him on the team, but it's an experience that I may not have again later in life. It's definitely really cool having that experience, My older brother (Noah) was a senior when I was a sophomore, so all three of us played together that year.

Where to next year?

Davidson College to play tennis and likely study economics.

What does head coach John Naisbitt appreciate about Hernandez?

Aidan has brought determination, dedication and passion to the varsity team for four years. He has a huge serve and dominating forehand. His robust tournament schedule throughout the year provides him with competitive experience that gives him an advantage over high school opponents. He helped us win three straight state championships and is a true champion. He was our captain this year and he will be missed.

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