Dist. 181, teachers reach new deal

The Community Consolidated Elementary District 181 Board and Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills Teachers’ Association have locked in a new four-year contract.

At their meeting Monday, board members voted to approve the agreement that provides teachers with a 4 percent increase in year one, a 3.75 percent increase in year two, and a one-time bonus payment of $2,000 for full-time teachers and a prorated amount for part-time teachers. Salary increases in the final two years will be aligned with the public consumer price index tax levy expectations, with a floor of 2 percent and ceiling of 4 percent.

The raise translates into a low-end salary of $52,905.52 for a first-year teacher with a bachelor’s degree to a maximum $129,606.14 for a 30-year teacher with a doctorate.

Additionally, retiring teachers employed as HCHTA members for at least 15 years prior to retirement is eligible for a 6 percent salary increase during the last four years of employment. The board will pay 90 percent of the single person Teachers Retirement System HMO premium for up to five years upon retirement or until the retiree reaches the age of Medicare eligibility. The five-year post-retirement health insurance limit is reduction from past practice.

In joint statement issued by the district and HCHTA, board President Michael Martin extolled the collaboration involved in reaching the agreement.

“This contract is a testament to our district’s commitment to providing students with a premier education. It includes competitive teacher salaries, benefits and other key components, while still keeping our financial goals in mind,” Martin said. “I want to thank our teachers for their recognition and willingness to share some of the recent increases in insurance premiums and operations of the district. This new four-year agreement supports our commitment to remaining fiscally stable in the long term and recognizes the work of our talented staff.”

HCHTA President Sarah Hoffman said the deal was good for both sides.

“In the ever-changing educational landscape, it’s essential that HCHTA continues to work collaboratively with the board of education and D181 administration. This contract reflects a competitive package that rewards teachers for their service to D181, while allowing the district to

attract and retain high-caliber educators. In turn, all D181 staff continue to provide the best possible educational opportunities and experience for our students,” Hoffman commented.

Superintendent Hector Garcia praised the agreement.

“I appreciate the collaboration between the board and the HCHTA to reach a fair settlement that prioritizes our students and aligns with our financial priorities. We look forward to continuing this partnership to ensure that District 181 remains a premier learning environment for students,” he said.

The contract replaces the previous pact, which expired in June, and runs through the 2026-27 school year.

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Ken Knutson is associate editor of The Hinsdalean