Letter - Elected officials deserve recognition as volunteers, too

I appreciated your recent editorial on National Volunteer Month and the contributions of volunteers to our community organizations. As a former volunteer at the Hinsdale Humane Society, and for PTOs at The Lane School, Hinsdale Middle School and Hinsdale Central, I have been lucky enough to have a ground-level view of how much volunteers contribute, on so many levels.

But you neglected to mention a set of volunteers who often aren’t treated as such: the elected officials of our local government. Here in Hinsdale, our school districts, village government and public library all are administered by boards of volunteers, who dedicate countless hours to our community. As I wrap up eight years on the Hinsdale Public Library board, I can testify to the invaluable role of my fellow trustees, who have been shining examples of enthusiastic, engaged and dedicated public servants. And volunteers, to boot! As newly elected officials take their seats on all these boards, let’s give a hand to these volunteers who keep our village government, our schools and our library running for all of us. — Julie Liesse, president, Hinsdale Public Library Board