Letter - Gallo can be trusted to make decisions in D86

Kay Gallo has the right temperament, judgment and experience to represent our community on the D86 board of education. Kay is the only candidate with previous D86 board experience. She has served two terms, from 2009-17, and was board president from 2015-17. She is a known quantity and has proven herself. She is supportive of students and teachers, holds administrators accountable to high standards and is fiscally responsible. Kay has a deep understanding of the issues facing the district. She has a level-headed, pragmatic approach to decision-making.

The strength of our public school system is critically important for our community. We stand at a crossroads where whom we elect to the school board will determine the direction taken. We need to add board members that we can trust to make the right decisions for the community.

As a Hinsdale South graduate and 10-year Hinsdale resident with children currently at Hinsdale Middle and Hinsdale Central High School, I trust Kay Gallo to make the right decisions for our district, including: 1. Hiring an experienced, qualified superintendent and guiding replacement of exiting administrators; 2. Restoring academic excellence through data-driven decisions; 3. Supporting all students at both high schools; 4. Refining the district strategic plan; and 5. Serving as a steward for our taxpayer dollars.

I enthusiastically endorse Kay Gallo for the D86 Board of Education. — Ankit Patel, Hinsdale