Letter - Catton, Gallo, Greenspon will put D86 students first

I’ve had the good fortune to live in D86 for 26 years, with four children who have either graduated or are now enrolled in D86. I’m writing to ask my community to vote for Andrew Catton, Kay Gallo and Cat Greenspon for D86 school board on April 4.

Sadly, I have witnessed a decline in academic standards, which, if unchecked, will do real harm to our students and community. Too often these have arisen from changes to academic approaches that are bad for both students and educators.

Regrettably, the outgoing school board has played a supporting role in this decline.

It’s time to elect board candidates that will hold administrators accountable while respecting the important role the family plays in their students’ success. Catton, Gallo and Greenspon have been engaged and are ready to work with all stakeholders to return D86 to educational excellence by putting students first. — Courtney Willman, Hinsdale