Letter - Akhras has right credentials to serve on D86 board

I strongly support Asma Akhras for District 86 School Board. A 31-year Hinsdale resident, I’ve attended D86 school board meetings for over a year, educating myself about issues animating our community. The result of attendance and listening: I’m convinced Asma Akhras is uniquely positioned to elevate the discussion on issues this next school board will address.

Asma’s credentials are precisely those valued by, and needed now in, D86: 20 + years in education, Illinois licensed principal, master’s degree curriculum/instruction and a national consultant in the field of accreditation. In addition, Asma’s an involved D86 South parent. And while not mandated, having Hinsdale South campus representation is a principle toward board integrity I highly endorse.

Asma’s collaborative temperament, data driven expertise focused on student achievement, recovery and access, her leadership on various community boards, are competencies integral to moving our community forward.

Together with our committed and caring parents, there are many other stakeholders invested in D86 success. As one of those other advocates for our excellent schools, I’m grateful that current board votes have, among other finished business, conclusively settled and set the stage for the next board to hire a new superintendent and to proceed with the signed four-year teacher contract. As a result, D86 is well positioned to now focus on the core issues directly affecting the well-being and success of all our students. I welcome Asma’s skill set and the fresh review she can contribute. Asma Akhras will be an invaluable school board member. — Kimberly Ochsenschlager, Hinsdale