Letter - Gallo will improve educational experience in D86

Kay Gallo would make an excellent addition to the D86 Board of Education.

As a 38-year resident of Clarendon Hills, Kay has experience having served two terms on the D86 Board and one term for D60 elementary. Kay understands what it takes to be on the board and there will be no learning curve.

From the day she announced her candidacy, Kay had a list of priorities and objectives that she has not deviated from — her message is both clear and concise.

According to Kay, with the district’s new grading system, there is “an increased emphasis on assessments and retake opportunities and a decreased emphasis on the importance of preparation.” As a parent, I have spent a lot of time emphasizing the importance of practice and preparation with my two middle schoolers. I am expecting a high school program that will reward my children by allowing them to perform in a myriad of ways, such as classroom discussions, homework, papers and projects. There currently is too much emphasis on assessments and not enough focus on the whole learner. Students need to learn accountability — whether they are heading to a four-year college or preparing for their first job. Retakes do not teach accountability. Kay will seek support to reverse any changes that have negatively impacted students.

Please join me in voting for Kay Gallo for the D86 Board of Education on April 4. — Susan Goeckel, Hinsdale