Meeting roundup

Hinsdale High School District 86

Among other business Jan. 26, board members:

• discussed proposed changes to district fees for the 2023-24 school year. The schedule includes proposed increases to 13 course fees related to issues such as newly created courses and rising textbook costs.

• approved one-year contract extensions with First Student for regular and special education transportation services. Prices for regular morning and afternoon routes are increasing from $142.78 to $180.62 per bus.

• approved the district’s updated facility rental fee schedule, which added rates for two-hour rentals of a portion of the pool and the diving well.

• agreed to spend up to $93,365 with Nelson Fire Protection, the lowest bidder, for fire suppression systems

Hinsdale Village Board

Among other business Tuesday, trustees:

• approved the purchase of five new patrol fleet vehicles for $197,601 from Thomas Dodge Chrysler in Highland, Ind. The move comes after supply chain issues in 2021 and 2022 forced the cancellation of the purchase of three of squad cars. The current capital improvement plan identified four cars for replacement. The fifth car, ordered in 2022 and due to be delivered and paid for at the end of CY 2022, was canceled in the last weeks of December without enough time to re-budget for 2023. The village received competitive pricing through the Southwest Conference of Mayors. Officials said the cost savings is about $50,000 by ordering squads through Thomas Dodge instead of historical supplier Currie Motors. Patrol vehicles are recommended to b replaced every three and a half to four years and at about 85,000 miles. One of the cars will be the parking control vehicle equipped with license plate reader technology to enforce the new online permitting program.

• awarded a one-year extension for the Elm tree treatment contract to Kinnuca Tree Experts and Landscape Co. for $137,930.76. The previous two-year contract with Kinnuca ended last year.