D181 focus on success, teamwork in '22

Our staff and D181 community should once again feel very proud that we have not been distracted by ancillary issues and have instead been able to keep our keen focus on the success of our students.

This success has come in various forms and across many areas of the district, from the classrooms to the district office, the school board and everything in between. This past semester, we saw evidence that our students continue to show outstanding growth and achievement compared to their peers at similar schools. On state assessments, all of our elementary schools were in the top 10 percent of schools in the state for the first time in school history.

We have also forged some fantastic partnerships that have enhanced our students' and staff experiences in numerous ways throughout the year.

Our PTOs, led by incredibly altruistic and hard-working individuals, have worked with our team to foster a unique culture in all our schools. The Rotary Club of Hinsdale has sponsored multiple fundraisers and events to help organizations in the area and our school with their time and kind donations.

I also want to spotlight the D181 Foundation and the parents and community members who are a part of this organization or contribute in different ways.

Their partnership has helped us to establish the vision of having one amazing D181 school district. Please visit the D181 Foundation website for more information and to view all of their efforts on behalf of our students.

These achievements would not have been possible if not for the exceptional professionalism of our entire staff, the support of one of the best school boards in the area and the entire D181 school community.

I wish you a peaceful and happy holiday season with plenty of relaxation and the good company of family and friends. I look forward to continuing our success in 2023.

- Dr. Hector Garcia,