Salon owner one reason for happy Thanksgiving


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The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I went to Shiny Nails, 5823 S. Madison, for my holiday manicure. Just to be safe I took off the bracelet I received from my husband for our 25th anniversary so as not to get any lotion on it. At 9:30 that night I looked at my wrist and sheer panic rushed through me — I left my bracelet at the salon. I decided to call them to leave a voice mail message inquiring if they found it. After three failed attempts, I received a call from Ari the owner. She was worried about why someone was calling her so late at night. After recounting the story of my very special gift she told me nothing has been turned in but she asked me to meet her at the salon the next morning before they opened and we would look together. I was happy with that only to get another call from Ari who asked how far I lived from Shiny Nails. I told her five minutes and she said “I’ll meet you there in 10.” I was shocked any store owner would open at 10 p.m. for a customer’s lost item.

After saying many prayers to St. Anthony, we arrived simultaneously and started looking with detail through the pristinely clean salon, where just below the station I was sitting I a glimpsed a sparkle. I was overjoyed and after a lot of hugging I left wearing my precious bracelet. I can’t more highly recommend Shiny Nails for not only high quality services but for honest and kind ownership. PS — Ari told me never to take off anything valuable in a nail salon. Her techs work around it. Thank you! — Cristen Orput, Hinsdale


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