Officers make final plea to residents to save caucus

The Hinsdale Village Caucus is unfortunately on the verge of disbanding due to lack of participation from the community. Unless new leaders are identified in the next two months, the caucus will be dissolved in January 2023.

The caucus is a nonpartisan group of volunteers whose primary role is to identify, recruit and promote qualified candidates for the District 181 School Board, the Hinsdale Public Library Board and the Hinsdale Village Board of Trustees. The Caucus was founded in 1934 and has been a part of the election process in the village for nearly 90 years. The terms for the current HVC officers expired several year ago. We are seeking a group of at least three people who are willing to lead the organization going forward and work toward nominations in the 2025 election cycle. The current officers are ready to assist with the transition and willing to help in the coming year as needed.

In an attempt to find new officers, we have taken several steps. A meeting was held at the Hinsdale Public Library on Oct. 19 seeking feedback from the community on the future of the caucus and seeking new Officers. Attendees have been contacted to determine their interest in leading the organization. In addition, we have contacted prior HVC delegates, officers and other members of the community to notify of our intent to source new leaders as quickly as possible. We have also posted several communications in The Hinsdalean seeking volunteers and new officers for the HVC.

If you are interested in being part of a new leadership team, and preserving this historic organization, please send an email to the Caucus email address: [email protected] by Dec. 15. If you know of others in the community that may be interested or would be effective in a leadership role, please mention this communication to them.

Thank you for your consideration. — by Bob Crane, chair; John Donaldson, communications secretary; Nadine Gilbert, recording secretary; and Andrew McBride, treasurer