Good news


Nine students from Hinsdale participated in commencement ceremonies May 22 with 153 other members of the Class of 2022 at Nazareth Academy in LaGrange Park.

They are Sarah Battaglia, Lorraine Healy, Sofia Lewis, Grace Mouw, Joelle Peterchak, Olivia Schaff, Ryan Short, Cody Sweeney and John Wheeler.


Several college students from Hinsdale have earned a spot on the dean’s list or the equivalent for the second semester of the 2021-22 school year.

• Chase Ackerson, College of the Holy Cross

• Christina Aucoin, University of Iowa*

• Patrick Boyle, College of the Holy Cross

• Jacob Burr, University of Iowa

• Declan Callahan, Miami University

• Meredith Callahan, University of Alabama

• Ella Centracchio, University of Alabama

• Matthew Elder, University of Iowa

• Luke Evans, Miami University

• Lucy Fischer, Kansas State University

• Olivia Fix, University of Alabama

• Hana Freburg, University of Alabama (early college director’s list)

• Jenna Frizzell, University of Alabama

• Alexandra Fuller, Elmhurst University

• Greta Garber, Miami University

• Elisabeth Garrett, Elmhurst University

• Jack Garvey, Miami University

• Juliana Gee, University of Iowa

• Jack Glenn, University of Iowa

• Julia Hanley, Marquette University

• Lily Hart, University of Iowa

• Jonathan Kobus, University of Alabama

• Julia Krasuski, Miami University

• Joseph Leahy, University of Iowa

• Kevin Li, University of Iowa

• Jacqueline McMahon, Miami University

• David Melvin, University of Alabama

• Katherine Melvin, University of Alabama

• Maxwell Midlash, University of Alabama

• Maria Mulvihill, Marquette University

• Dominic O’Neill, University of Alabama

• Matthew Ritz, University of Alabama

• Julianne Roberts, University of Iowa

• Kathleen Ryndak, Elmhurst University

• Raabia Sheikh, Marquette University

• Jenny Sims, Marquette University

• Cade Sweeney, University of Alabama

• Catherine Wagner, Miami University

• Patricia Weeks, Elmhurst University

• Maud Willemse, University of Alabama

• Annie Williams, Miami University*

• Anthony Zayed, Miami University

• Tony Zhao, Marquette University

* president’s list


These college students from Hinsdale earned degrees from their respective colleges and universities following the spring 2022 semester.

• Ekatarina Antipov, bachelor’s, University of Alabama

• Trya Douglas, doctorate, University of Alabama

• Clara Fellows, bachelor’s in exercise physiology, Marquette University

• Olivia Fix, bachelor’s in education, University of Alabama

• Eva Folks, bachelor’s in special education cum laude, Elmhurst University

• Elisabeth Garrett, bachelor’s in communication magna cum laude, Elmhurst University

• Christian Haleas, bachelor’s in finance, Marquette University

• Kathleen Hynan, bachelor’s in political science, Marquette University

• Alec Loges, bachelor’s in anthropology, Northern Illinois University

• Julie Lovelace, master’s in teacher leadership, Elmhurst University

• Jarred Mason, master’s in business administration, Northern Illinois University

• Maxwell Midlash, bachelor’s in commerce and business administration, University of Alabama

• Maria Mulvihill, bachelor’s in biomedical sciences, Marquette University

• Charles Parse, bachelor’s in computer science, University of Alabama

• Jenny Sims, bachelor’s in marketing, Marquette University

• Maud Willemse, bachelor’s in computer science, University of Alabama

• Nora Wood, bachelor’s in psychology, Marquette University