Hart, Galassi care about issues important to Hinsdale

I am a proud mom of three young kids. My kids’ futures are the top consideration for every decision my husband and I make — whether that be where to live, where to send them to school or for whom to vote. We chose to live in Hinsdale and DuPage County because of low crime, school performance and a better quality of life for our children. We never had concerns previously about whether our kids would be safe at school or in their community, receive quality educations or have endless opportunity once they graduate. But with crime and inflation rising in the last two years, it is clear we need to elect pragmatic leaders who will maintain a safe and fiscally responsible community where our kids can achieve their potential.

That is why my family will be voting for Greg Hart for DuPage County Chairman in the 2022 election. Greg is a husband and father of two from our community. He moved to DuPage for the same reasons my husband and I did. Greg champions issues that moms and dads care about like properly funding law enforcement, maintaining a balanced budget and low taxes, and doing more to ensure school safety. His running mate, Kari Galassi, is also a champion for the same issues. Elections have consequences — and the stakes could not be higher. I encourage all my fellow parents to support Greg Hart and Kari Galassi on June 28. — Amanda Mancini, Hinsdale