Preserve your precious resource

Time is on your side. Don't waste it.

If you know anything about me, you know I absolutely despise waste. Wasted money, wasted energy and perhaps worst of all, wasted time. I have zero tolerance for it. Our society today wastes way too much time worrying about, talking about and arguing about things that are completely out of our control.

Take the weather, for instance. How horrible has our spring been so far? I don't know anyone who hasn't expressed their dismay about the lack of warmth and sunshine. I am as guilty as anyone. Well, I have bad news for all of us. Exhaustive scientific research has confirmed that complaining about the weather does nothing to change it. And yet, we can't help ourselves.

In my house, objecting about what to watch on TV is akin to whispering at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I can whine. I can whimper. Yes, I can even expostulate. But that won't change the fact that I'm gonna watch reruns of "Law and Order" whether I like it or not.

With all due respect to the golfers out there, I can't think of a better waste of my time than spending four plus hours swinging my way around a perfectly fine patch of grass.

I love being outdoors and hanging with my friends. But given the amount of destruction I usually leave behind, I'm pretty sure the owners of the course would be just fine if I spent my time elsewhere. Have a nice time boys. I'll meet you at the 19th hole.

But in today's world, I don't think there's any more pertinent example than, dare I say, lamenting about politics. You can't spend more than 30 seconds on social media without reading about someone's objection to Senator A or Congressman B. No matter what the issue or what side of the aisle, we just can't help ourselves. And has it changed anything? Do you really think you've swayed anyone's opinion with your rantings?

Here's a novel idea. Instead of complaining, why don't you come up with some concrete ideas to solve whatever the problem of the day is? I bet more people would listen, including your local representative. Although you'd better be careful. If your idea is too good, you might be encouraged to run for office.

My point is, there are much better ways to spend our time. Take a nap. Call a friend. Contemplate your naval. They're all better and more productive than bellyaching your way through life.

And if these options aren't your cup of tea, just take a break from it all and go for a walk. That is, if our weather ever gets better.

- John Bourjaily of Golfview Hills is a contributing columnist. Readers can email him at [email protected].