IBLP site on Ogden could be solution for two problems

Could there be a simple solution to two problems, one facing District 181 and the other the Village of Hinsdale? Unacceptable proposals for the long vacant land at the intersection of Ogden and Adams, owned by IBLP (Institute of Basic Life Principles) have once again been withdrawn by Ryan Co., leaving the possibility of dividing that property and satisfying two needs at once.

1) The NW corner of the Ogden/Adams Intersection includes 7.5 acres with an already existing building on a parcel zoned IB (institutional building) that would seem ideal for District 181‘s administration building, being located midway between Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills.

2) The NE corner, consisting of a spacious hilltop overlooking extensive wetlands, could be dedicated by the village as parkland, avoiding the previous proposals’ serious threats of a gigantic commercial facility that would cause massive traffic problems on Ogden, increase flooding, and overload the existing capacities of AdventHealth Hospital, Hinsdale Fire Department and Hinsdale Police Department. It would be Hinsdale’s only park north of Ogden.

Importantly, by providing a suitably welcoming entrance to the village we would also be maintaining Hinsdale’s distinctive and beautiful character. — Marti and Armando Travelli, Hinsdale