Galassi, Hart best choices for DuPage voters

Why move to DuPage County?

This question, asked by many over the years, has been an easy one to answer: better schools, lower taxes, less crime. Now, the trend at many local schools has been to move away from common-sense curriculum often leaving parents with the feeling that they have been excluded from decisions regarding their children’s education. Taxes have reached unsustainable levels due to fiscal mismanagement by state politicians in Springfield. Violent crime from Cook County has spilled over to DuPage.

Oakbrook Center, for example, a place where young and old alike enjoy shopping, strolling and dining, has been the site of multiple serious crimes in the past year. In fact, on April 24, a family was robbed at gunpoint while returning to their car after shopping. Regrettably, it seems like some extreme progressive candidates for DuPage County offices have turned a blind eye to these growing issues. The outcome of local elections in 2022 is critical to the future of DuPage County.

The choice is clear: vote for common sense leaders like Greg Hart for DuPage County Board chairman and Kari Galassi for DuPage County Board member. Hart and Galassi will prioritize cooperation between school administrators and parents, fiscal responsibility and the safety of all DuPage citizens. — Ryan Doorhy, Westmont