More discussion of DEI will benefit the community

In looking for the silver lining with the controversy surrounding the D86 equity consultant, I’m very encouraged by the letters and sponsored ads in The Hinsdalean in support of listening to each other and continuing the conversation of diversity and equity in our community. I think all would agree that understanding (and progress) happens when people engage with each other with civility and respect.

Even if some believe this is all just “equity drivel” and “Hinsdale kids already know right from wrong,” it doesn’t mean that incidents aren’t happening. We should listen to the stories of our fellow residents and seek to understand how people are personally impacted.

The idea behind education, especially public education, is to expose learners to different ideas and perspectives, and then to teach critical thinking so individuals can come to their own conclusions. I fully support a curriculum that is a complete account of historical events, including the struggles and wrongs of all people. Any discomfort possibly felt by students learning about our country’s past pales in comparison to what victims and survivors have endured and continue to experience. Feelings of guilt do not need to be felt personally, but can still lead to awareness and positive change.

The fact that this topic brings out strong feelings on both sides tells me that there is both a need and a place for an equity awareness program. I am optimistic that an increased focus and continued dialogue will benefit our community and do more good than harm. — Keith Giltner, Hinsdale