Good news


The following Hinsdale Central students earned top five finishes in the regional competition hosted by the Business Professionals of America. Next up for the group is the state competition, which will be held Feb. 24-26.

First place

Financial Analyst Team: Chris Cavero, Samuel Chung, Jack Erickson, Ani Girish

Economic Research Individual: Aadit Bhavsar

Intermediate Word Processing: Megan Nash

Integrated Office Applications: Priya Dhananjaya

Legal Office Procedures: Vanessa Ivanov

Administrative Support Team: Priya Dhananjaya, Saanvi Sethi, Neha Siram, Grace Stojka

Business Law & Ethics: Sonia Gupta

C++ Programming & Java Programming: Dylan Tang

Graphic Design Promotion: Angelina Duan

Web Site Design Team: Abigail Alcala, Sofia Giannini, Camden Griffen

Broadcast News Production Team: Samantha Leddy, Cassidy Smith, Isabella Terry

Podcast Production Team: Arnima Agrawal, Rama Bhagwat

Global Marketing Team: Annie Ascher, Gigi Gottfried, Cece Lynch

Entrepreneurship: Natasha Bhatia

Small Business Management Team: Emily Cavero, Annette Ciupek

Interview Skills: Emily Cavero

Advanced Interview Skills: Aira Chaudhary

Extemporaneous Speech: Ajay Gupta

Prepared Speech: Sonia Gupta

Presentation Management Individual: Aira Chaudhary

ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Coding: Shahaan Shafi

Health Administration Procedures: Aadit Bhavar

Second place

Fundamental Accounting: Sara Young

Payroll Accounting: Aayan Ilyas

Economic Research Team: Brian Williams, Owen O’Bryne, Chase Coghill

Advanced Word Processing: Meredith Lee

Basic Office Systems & Procedures: Neha Siram

Legal Office Procedures: Sean Joy

Computer Network Technology: Blake Edmonds

Java Programming: Arnima Agrawal

Python Programming: Samir Keswani

Fundamentals of Web Design: Shubhra Moudgil

Podcast Production Team: Angelina Duan, Asritha Tunuguntia

Global Marketing Team: Yana Kuzmanova, Shubhra Moudgil, Vandana Sivakumar

Entrepreneurship: Austin Dolan

Interview Skills: Vanessa Ivanov

Advanced Interview Skills: Annette Ciupek

Prepared Speech: Saanvi Sethi

Presentation Management Individual: Lindsey Bruns

Health Insurance & Medical Billing: Shahaan Shafi

Health Administration Procedures: Srikar Gandham

Third place

Payroll Accounting: Vinni Guo

Banking & Finance: Saint Luan

Advanced Word Processing: Isha Rao

Business Law & Ethics: Zhitong Zhu

Computer Security: Jenna Edmonds

Graphic Design Promotion: Sofia Giannini

Entrepreneurship: Grace Dolan

Prepared Speech: Ajay Gupta

Health Insurance & Medical Billing: Francesca Rimbos

Health Administration Procedures: Asritha Tunuguntia

Fourth place

Advanced Accounting: Cece Lynch

Banking & Finance: Ian Nystedt

Personal Financial Management: Brody O’Hare

Fundamental Word Processing: Daniel Peev

Advanced Word Processing: Chase Collignon

Legal Office Procedures: Priya Bhatia

Business Law & Ethics: Aidan ElDifrawi

Health Administration Procedures: Elizabeth Salisbury

Fifth place

Fundamental Accounting: Logan Bousquette

Personal Financial Management: Spencer Hogervorst

Fundamental Word Processing: Andre Zhao

Advanced Word Processing: Rodrigo Sosa-Rostan

Business Law & Ethics: CC Huber

Health Administration Procedures: Sheza Shafi