Student athlete profile

Name: Kelly Klobach

Year: senior

Hometown: Hinsdale

What's your earliest memory of gymnastics?

I would say when I was around 5, I remember working on my round-offs into the foam pit with my friend.

What do you enjoy most about the sport?

Just being with the team. I think I laugh more in the gym than anywhere else. I just love being around the girls.

How would your teammates describe you?

Probably as motivated, very talkative, positive. I like to bring people up when they're feeling down at a meet or at practice.

How you prepare mentally before a meet?

One thing I do is I style the same ponytail in my hair at every meet. For away meets, we are always super talkative and positive on the bus ride just to get ourselves hyped up.

How have you improved as a gymnast during high school?

Over the summer I worked to upgrade my flight series on the balance beam. I also focus on the team aspect as opposed to just doing well on my own routines.

What was your goal coming into the season?

Definitely to make it to state and to the state finals the next day. It also would be really cool for the whole team to make it state. I'm not going to compete in college, so I haven't been taking things for granted as much this year.

Have you participated in other Central activities?

Just this past fall I did diving for the first time. People say a gymnast's skills can carry over into diving, so I thought I'd try it. Plus the school just redid the pool.

What you do to kick back?

Recently I found a new joy in puzzles, like the 500- to 1,000-piece ones. I also really like to bake. I just got salted caramel cookie mix that I'm excited to try.

What do you plan to study in college?

I want to major in biology and possibly go into premed.

What field of medicine might you pursue?

I'd want to go into orthopedics. When I broke my arm a few years ago, I really got firsthand experience with orthopedists.

Why does Central's Kim Estoque enjoy coaching Klobach?

She is a pleasure to coach. She is talented, humble but also very hardworking and shows great leadership.

- profile by Ken Knutson, photo by Jim Slonoff

Author Bio

Ken Knutson is associate editor of The Hinsdalean