Sharing ladder truck with CH might not be best plan

Clarendon Hills Fire Department has yard signs throughout their town (“We Need Our Own To Save Our Own”) which are supporting the purchase of a new ladder/pumper truck to replace their old truck. I now hear that Hinsdale is considering sharing their older ladder truck with Clarendon Hills in an effort to save money for both villages.

Is sharing a truck a wise idea? Things to consider: The truck might be housed in Clarendon Hills half of the time. This could cause a potential delay in response time when the truck isn’t housed in the village that has the fire. If the truck is not available to be first on the scene of the fire, it most likey could not be used for a rescue, roof ventilation or fire-fighting, because the front of the building will already be blocked with other vehicles. Also, there is a chance that the truck is called to assist another village when we need it?

I think, we in Hinsdale, should become informed about this potential situation by attending village board meetings, asking questions of our village officials etc. so an informed decision can clearly be made supporting the safety of both of our villages. — Diane Oostendorp, Hinsdale