Daughter honors mom's many contributions to village

I wanted to recognize a beautiful and spirited woman in our community and local interior designer, my mother, Mary Anne Herring.

In 1986 my mom opened a home design store called Robin’s Egg Blue in Hinsdale, which had a storefront for 24 years. Perhaps you shopped there and remember the sparkle and enchantment walking in the door and the warmth in being greeted. If you ever received a gift, it was unforgettable in the delicate wrapping and what was inside. I learned an important life lesson of attention to detail in my mother’s craft. All she touches is made more beautiful because of the gift of her creativity.

She has participated in 10 decorators show case homes and maybe she has walked into your home. She has served on committees at Grace Episcopal Church of Hinsdale and volunteers at events like Christmas Eve, Alter Guild, adopting families, co-chair of estate sale auctions, and serves as a vestry member.

My mother has taught me the importance of work ethic, persistence, giving back to others, especially those in need, and pausing for inspiration and for friends. Robin’s Egg Blue closed its doors but Mary Anne keeps opening doors and finding ways to continue to decorate our hearts and homes. On this 80th birthday we celebrate you, Mom, for all you have done in serving our community and all you have done as a mother and nana. — Kimberly Herring, Minneapolis