Village residents may see higher water bills as new rates take effect

Starting Wednesday, Sept. 1, some Hinsdale residents may see an increase in their water bill.

In order to ensure the municipal water system is properly funded for years to come, the Hinsdale Village Board has changed its billing structure to a fixed fee and variable rate structure.

Under this structure, all village residents will pay $15 every two months, along with a variable rate tied to water usage. Revenue generated from the fixed fee will be used to fund village projects to improve water infrastructure, ensuring a safe water system.

Proposed projects include making repairs to and repainting the water storage standpipe, continuing the funding for annual localized drainage studies and projects, and funding for annual water main and sewer lining projects in accordance with the village’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan.

The minimum charge for variable water usage has been eliminated. New variable water rates include a premium rate for usage over 10,000 centum cubic feet (ccf) per billing cycle. Residents will be charged $8 for each 100 ccf up to 10,000 ccf per billing cycle and $12.38 for each 100 ccf over 10,000 ccf per billing cycle.

Other rates may apply for non-residents and high-volume users. The average homeowner will see an increase of $1.58 per month. Some residents may see a decrease.

This will be the first change in village water rates since 2015 and follows both local and national trends in evolving rate structures of how residents pay for water, according to village officials.