Hinsdale residents appreciate great police work

After reading about the burglaries on May 17 at Continental Motorsports and Land Rover/Jaguar in Hinsdale, I felt it important to let our police officers know how grateful Hinsdale residents are for their courage and professionalism. One of the offenders exited his car with his gun drawn. The officers exercised restraint and were able to catch two of the four men involved without a shot being fired. It was later determined these offenders had automatic weapons in their possession. The situation could easily have ended in tragedy.

One of the offenders had multiple pending felony cases against him but was still out on bail. When bail is lowered and penalties are reduced for crime, society suffers the consequences. Police should not have to risk their lives capturing the same person more than once.

Crime has increased in Chicago and our suburban areas. We should never forget it would be far greater if we did not have police officers putting their lives on the line to protect our lives and property. I once had to call 911 in the middle of the night. Hinsdale police were at my home within minutes. How reassuring for all of us that we can rely on their quick response. — Sharon Cauley, Hinsdale