Vote for Levinthal, Pinnow, Shannon and Walker

The April 6 election for four D86 school board positions arrives at a critical time for our students and community. I have been most concerned about the current board’s decisions to rush, in my opinion, the “physics first” and “integrated math” curriculum changes, which I believe will leave our students underprepared for college. The board has not identified the needs for these changes, has not explained how the new curricula will improve student learning and preparation and did not think it prudent to implement a pilot and evaluation phase before its adoption. We need a board that understands its role as the steward of our schools. A board that doesn’t rubber stamp the administration’s proposals, but hears from experts on both sides of the debate, asks relevant and difficult questions and makes responsible changes to proposals. And a board that values community engagement and recognizes that our outcomes are better when we genuinely listen to all of our stakeholders.

These are the reasons I urge election of four new members to the board. I endorse Debbie Levinthal, Mark Pinnow, Karen Shannon and Terri Walker. These candidates are called to serve because of their sincere interest in D86 students and they bring important experience in science, education and administration. — Milan Mrksich, Hinsdale