Former D181 board president advocates inclusiveness

This past year horrific events have created awareness of discrimination and hate crimes perpetuated against African-American, Asian, LGBTQ, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and other communities. In our Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills community and schools, we can combat racism against all groups by practicing and promoting inclusive behavior.

While I was on the D181 Board (2007-11), we enacted a policy avoiding scheduling events, including games, meets, concerts, plays and key educational activities, including field trips and labs, on religious holidays requested by parents of different faiths. Margaret Kleber, current D181 board member running for re-election, and her husband Dale made it their personal mission to get this policy reversed so that a family’s religious observances would not preclude school events from taking place. Email documentation is available through a Freedom of Information Act request to D181.

Mrs. Kleber has never been held accountable for her anti-inclusive behavior. I suggest the voters send a message it is unacceptable to have individuals with anti-inclusionary beliefs on our school board. We need to remove the layer of anti-inclusiveness I believe she helped create in our district.

Christine Dannhausen-Brun advocates inclusiveness for all groups and ethnicities. This is one of the excellent qualities she will bring to the D181 board. I encourage the voters to stand for inclusiveness and join me in voting for Christine. — Marc Monyek, former D181 board member and president, Hinsdale