Platform, resumé make Walker right D86 choice

Unless you’re quarantined, you’re seeing signs around town for the upcoming D86 School Board election. I’d like to draw your attention to one name on the ballot in particular: Terri Walker. I’ve known Terri since her family moved to Hinsdale and her youngest son joined my son’s class at Madison School. I know her as a warm and loving mother as well as a level-headed friend. That’s all fine and good, but why should you vote for her? Her platform. Terri Walker is for transparency, accountability and a return to data-driven curricula, particularly in the science and D181-opposed math curricula changes recently (and in my opinion hastily) approved. If you have children in seventh grade or younger, this affects you. If you’re concerned about how changes to schools’ curricula could affect home values, this affects you. She is one of four candidates who supports a return to the curricula that was jettisoned by the current board. Her résumé. I want someone who can handle what’s going to be thrown at them. Terri Walker is an HR exec who’s no stranger to working through problems. With over 20 years of experience, I have no reservations about her in this role. Perspective and life experience matter. Terri is someone who actively listens to and, moreover, adroitly supports all. I am excited to vote for such a highly qualified candidate. Check her out for yourself: I’m proud to vote for Terri Walker. I hope you join me. — Allison Peters, Hinsdale