Levinthal highly qualified to sit on D86 board

I am writing in support of Debbie Levinthal for the District 86 Board of Education. I’m a 17-year Hinsdale resident and parent of two students at Hinsdale Central High School. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Debbie on several school-related projects, and I believe she would be an incredibly valuable addition to the D86 Board. Debbie is committed to high-quality education and student success. Debbie is curious, actively engaged with district initiatives and eager to participate in advancing student learning and safety. Debbie is a teacher herself. A former New Trier math teacher, Debbie’s knowledge and insight is evident as she listens and guides others through navigating the school system — who to talk to and how to find effective solutions for all involved. Fostering this type of collaboration between the community and school is critical to enhancing our district culture and success. Debbie is a dynamic leader. Highly qualified, Debbie is a relationship- and consensus-builder. Debbie is respectful, direct, logical, inquisitive and ready with thoughtful ideas. Debbie is compassionate and inclusive. Debbie is sensitive to the needs of our diverse school community with first-hand experience as both a parent and educator. Debbie is a shining light. I urge you to support this smart woman who is ready to work hard on behalf of all D86 community members. — Carol Wittemann, Hinsdale