Teacher, parent, friend supports Walker for D86 Board

I hope you will join me in supporting Terri Walker in her candidacy for the District 86 Board of Education.

Terri is very invested in our schools as she has two children within their walls. She will listen to both sides of the argument then make a sound judgment for our children. Our sons are in school together and I have witnessed her behavior firsthand. She is level headed and seeks out information before making an opinion of the situation. There are at times hot topics that push people to the extreme level. Terri will remain calm and data driven so that all aspects are explored and discussed with all parties involved to make the correct decision for our students. Terri seeks out information on her own to learn more about topics. She is a self-driven advocate for our children, and she wants to be part of a solution, not the problem to the solution.

Terri Walker is a champion for transparency on all issues. She especially wants communication of that transparency to our communities. Terri wants open governance with respectful communication within our communities. We must come together and make both high schools the place where kids want to be.

I have no doubt as a teacher, a parent and a friend that Terri Walker is the best candidate for the District 86 Board of Education. She will make a difference, so vote for Terri Walker. — Helen Hart-Bryan, Hinsdale