A shout out to District 86 and village leadership

As an over 30-year resident of Hinsdale, I am more grateful than ever for the thoughtful vision, courageous initiative and effective execution of Superintendent Tammy Prentiss and her team in negotiating a relationship that made COVID-19 vaccinations available to all critical employees of District 86 and the LADSE cooperative last week. While there are many more hurdles before our teens, their families, faculty, and supporting staff can achieve their new normal, it is a real gift to the village that Superintendent Prentiss and her team made this happen. As the mother of a proud Oak, HMS and HCHS grad who benefited from the inclusive education LADSE guided and supported, I am especially grateful that those educators were included.

And, I am grateful for the village’s collaboration with District 86 that enabled vaccinations to be offered to 850 residents of Hinsdale and surrounding villages over the age of 65 this week.

In the midst of this record-setting freezing cold snowy February, what a great pleasure it is to savor the light of their leadership and the warmth of their attentive care for our vulnerable residents and critical workers. Yes, there are many more steps to be taken. But this is a week to celebrate and be thankful. Thank you, Superintendent Prentiss, the District 86 team and the Village of Hinsdale! — Nancy Harvey, Hinsdale