So many reasons why Hinsdale is a great place to live

It takes a village.

We would like to profess our love and appreciation for our town! Having grown up here, I’ve benefited from many aspects of Hinsdale, and cherish wonderful memories like: buying candy at Jimmy’s, French fries at Picadilly, making jewelry with Lavinia at Eye on Design, weighing ourselves on the big scale with the fortune at Barth’s, mining for gold in the basement of the old bank building, buying chocolate doughnuts at Burtons, hardware at Soukup’s, ribbons in the basement of Olsen’s, 25 cent ice cream at Baskin & Robbins, shoes at the Shoe Tree, clothes at Schoen’s, bikes at Hartley’s, hot dogs at Zingelman’s, working at Schweidler’s and many more.

Raising a family here has been equally beneficial with neighbors who care and jump into action when needed, whether it be a cup of flour, a babysitter or pulling leaves out of drains to help prevent flooding! We love our parks, Fourth of July parades, libraries and especially our downtown. Our favorite gifts come from King Keyser or Sweet William, our favorite walks start at Starbucks and eating in town is always a treat.

And after years of talking about writing a letter to profess our love and appreciation of someone or something in this town, it’s the restaurants that pushed me to finally write. Two restaurants in particular — Baldinelli’s and Giuliano’s. Thank you to Tim and Chrissy for more than just great pizza! Thank you for being great humans and supporting our family in a truly kind and amazing way. It takes a village, with the young and the old, and we’re so very grateful for our village and the people in it. — Meg Berger, Hinsdale