Central's math curriculum already is top-notch

Before my husband and I chose to build our home in Hinsdale, we checked out the school systems in the surrounding suburbs. The deciding factor would be the legacy for our children of their educational opportunities.

Our son became a full actuary at age 23 and our daughter chose a six-year medical program, becoming an M.D. directly from high school, both graduating from Central. Both will attest their high school was harder than their colleges. Our daughter started the advanced math program at Elm, which helped build a firm mathematical foundation for her. Both young people benefited from the discipline of all the courses provided.

We have never begrudged paying our taxes after having them go through a school system that didn’t settle for second best from its students. Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you’ve already done it. — Sheila and V. Sharma, Ph.D., Hinsdale